Choosing the right septic pump can give your home an advantage

hiblow septic aerator
hiblow septic aerator

Choosing the right septic pump can give your home an advantage

How choosing the right septic aerator can make a difference 

When you own a home, there are many things that you need to keep up with. Things like the roof, the driveway, the yard… these are all areas of the home that require upkeep and consideration. But what about the areas of the home that are largely unseen, yet still cannot be overlooked? 

The most important one in this category is the home’s septic system, and today, these systems often include an aeration system. Since a septic aerator means more moving parts, it means that there is an increased chance for an issue to arise, but with septic tank maintenance services and solutions available with only a few clicks of the mouse, often they’re nothing to worry about. 

Most homes with septic systems won’t need the entire thing to be upgraded or updated for many years since these are designed to last, but when they do need attention, choosing the right options is important. Though a septic services provider will be able to provide you with specific information and options that will meet your individual home or building’s needs, there are a few things that people should think about before making their decision. 

What is a hiblow septic aerator? 

A hiblow septic aerator (also called a hiblow pump) is a special type of pump that is designed to be more than other similar aeration septic pump options. It runs more efficiently, pumps more water through per second, and gives those that use them more peace of mind by offering quiet, energy efficient aeration. This hiblow pump can be used to replace an existing  pump, or installed with a new septic system; both choices are recommended by those that perform the installation service. Arguably, the pump is the most important part of any septic system that relies on aeration to move and break down the contents, because if this portion isn’t working, the septic system will not function properly. 

What else should I consider when choosing a septic system aerator? 

When it comes to septic system aerators, size does matter. While you don’t need to buy the largest model available, a good rule of thumb is to make sure that the pump you do choose is rated as large enough to meet the needs of your system. It’s ok to buy a larger and more powerful pump to use with your system, but it’s never a good idea to go smaller, as this can put stress on the pump itself and could even lead to mechanical issues. 

Choose how the product will be installed, too. Some septic system aeration pumps are going to be in a difficult to reach location, making it a good idea for a professional (like those with to install them to ensure that it is done safely and properly, but some pumps can be installed by the average-to-advanced do it yourself handyman. Look into the types of pumps that are available and make a decision based on what you feel will be the best solution for your needs. Professional is best, but since some of these pumps are used in areas that are not related to in-home plumbing, it’s possible to replace them yourself. 

The type septic aerator chosen will also depend on where it is located, because different pumps come in different shapes and sizes. Some are rounded and compact while others are rectangular – still others are long and cylindrical. There are many different choices, which makes it a good idea to consult someone that knows exactly what type of space these pumps will occupy (and what you have to work with!) before settling on a specific kind.

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