Septic tank lids: Your options as a homeowner

septic tank lids and covers
When building your home and septic tank, choosing the right septic tank lids and covers is essential

There are plenty of parts of a home’s septic system that get attention. The tanks themselves, the motors, the drain field, the pipes. These are all commonly thought of when people talk about their homes and the septic systems that keep them running smoothly, but what about the accessories? 

The word accessory in regard to a septic tank isn’t the same as it is when used in other ways, but they can truly be visible, too. Most parts of a septic system are completely buried beneath the ground but one of the ones that aren’t are septic tank lids and covers. 

These are the pieces that often need the most attention and replacement, and for good reason. 

What are septic tank lids?

Simply put, a septic tank lid is the part of the tank that covers an opening in one of the risers, or on the distribution box. This is a part that can be removed when necessary, allowing a septic tank services professional to look into the system, or even to pump it out and empty it. Because of this, they often wear down more quickly than other parts of a septic system.

Exposure to the elements, being handled, or even in some cases when additional weight is added to the lids to ensure their stability, this stresses the material, wearing it down. Since they are secured in place with screws, this also adds stress at the closure points of these lids. Even with careful handling and use, the parts will wear down over time. This is unavoidable. 

How to choose septic tank lids

The most important aspect of choosing the proper septic  tank lids and risers is picking ones that fit with your system. The openings in these tanks vary in size, making it important to replace a broken or worn out septic tank lid with another suitable one. After picking the correct size, you will need to choose the type of lid. 

Some septic tank lids are flat, others are domed. Some are standard while others are more heavy duty. Some are made for specific types of systems and tanks, while others are more for general use across a variety of products. 

This sounds overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. 

If you’re unsure of where to begin your search for a replacement or upgrade to your existing septic tank lids and risers, look no further than This site has a great deal of information about available options, as well as a way to contact a septic tank services professional, giving you access to current, relevant information about your system and your needs.