How much does septic tank maintenance cost?

septic tank cleaning cost

For homeowners, there’s a delicate balance that has to be maintained when taking care of household needs and expenses. It’s not just paying bills or saving up for remodeling – there are everyday maintenance expenses, too. One of these necessary expenses is septic tank maintenance… but there are plenty of things to think about within this category. 

Different Types of Septic Tank Maintenance 

First, there’s general maintenance

Septic tank cleaning cost is determined by a few factors. This includes: 

  1. The size of your septic tank
  2. The location of your septic tank
  3. The age of your septic tank
  4. The scope of work for your septic tank

Septic tank pumping services cost different amounts depending on the nature of the service. For example, pull service septic tank pumping services cost more than a visual septic inspection. The more your septic services professional needs to do, the greater the cost. 

Septic Tank Treatment is Another Option

This is simpler – and more cost effective – than pumping out a septic tank. Septic tank treatment involves the introduction of septic-safe chemicals or additives to the tank. This encourages production of bacteria colonies within the system, and can improve overall functionality over time. Your septic tank is designed to function without breaks for many years at a time, but there will be instances where you need to help it out a little. 

Some septic tank treatment options can be added by the homeowner, but others need to be done by professionals. Consult with someone before choosing to add anything into your tank’s ecosystem, though. Choosing the wrong products will definitely do more harm than good. 

Septic Tank Upgrades and Replacements 

If your septic tank and system are older, and routine septic tank pumping services or an inspection reveal that parts are worn, it might be time to upgrade or replace them. 

Common components of septic tanks that need replacement or repair include 

  • Septic tank pumps (like the Blue Diamond ET80)
  • A septic aerator
  • Pipes
  • Septic tank lids and covers
  • Septic tank risers
  • The septic tank itself

The scope of work depends on the composition and design of your system. Different systems will cost more or less depending on what they are made out of, and where they are located. Size also plays a role in determining costs.

Go to the Pros When it Comes to Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic tank maintenance isn’t something that you can keep putting off. The longer you let issues worsen, the more they impact the function of a very important component of your home. Septic tank cleaning cost may be elevated, but it’s worth it to pay for the service on a schedule, since  these costs may keep other future costs lower, too.

To find out more about the status of your septic tank and what you may need to do to improve it, consult professionals as soon as possible. Ask questions, get answers, and start making necessary changes.